Product Description

RGB Changing Color LED Accent Light –  Super Kit

If a souped-up engine and custom paint job aren’t enough to satisfy your inner craving for customization, splurge on our Premium Super Kit and illuminate the asphalt. Brace yourself for an influx of compliments, because our Super Kit is guaranteed to attract onlookers and dazzle your riding buddies.

This kit is the pinnacle of lighting systems, offering twice as many color-shifting Pods than our starter package. You can control every aspect of your accent lights remotely with a quick click of your key fob and experiment with different settings to diversify your bike’s visual appeal. Altering color, speed, pattern and intensity has never been more user friendly or accessible.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or own a body shop to install the Super Kit. Simply slap your accent lights onto your bike using the kit’s 3M peel-and-stick adhesive. Just in case that isn’t intuitive enough, we’ve included aN  installation kit that goes the extra mile and comes with a step-by-step guide detailing every facet of the application process.

Our Premium RGB Accent Light Super Kit Includes:


  • 8 Premium 7-Color-Changing  Pods
  • 2 Individual Key Fobs
  • 1 LEVER NUTZ™ Installation Kit With Instructions


Choose From Any of the  Super Kit’s 7 Modes:


  • Mode 1: Solid Color – 7 color options with variable intensity (5 intensities)
  • Mode 2: Flashing Color – changes color with adjustable flashing speed (5 speeds)
  • Mode 3: Color Cycle – continually cycles through all 7 color options with variable speed
  • Mode 4: Color Fade and Cycle – fades through all 7 color options with customizable speed
  • Mode 5: Solid Color Strobe – changes color in a customizable pattern (2 to 6 strobes and repeat – 5 patterns)
  • Mode 6: Multi-Color Strobe – strobes and cycles through all 7 colors with an adjustable strobing pattern
  • Mode 7: Morph – slowly shifts colors with customizable speed