RSV4/Tuono Slimline Integrated Tail Light
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RSV4/Tuono Slimline Integrated Tail Light



Product Description


Fully integrated tail light features quality state of the art electronics making these LED’s the brightest around

Tail lights are plug and play

Our Slimline tail light also features a low profile construction makin it less than half the thickness of the stock tail light which gives your bike that aggressive race style tail look it was meant to have.

So what kind of lens options do you have?

We offer 2 styles, a crystal clear lens with reflective inner backing and

Also a candy smoked lens. On our smoked lenses, instead of blacking out the interior which dims and lessens the reflectivity of the LED lighting, we chose to smoke the lens instead giving the tail light unit a sleek elegant and modern look.


This light is also available in a full set with fender eliminator included back on our Aprilia product page.


as always, non dot approved, buyer use at his/her own discretion

Package Includes:

Fully Integrated Tail Light

Plug and Play

Additional Information

Lens Type

Clear Lens (default), Smoked Lens