Flexible LED Array Accent Light Deluxe Kit



Product Description

Flexible LED Array Accent Light Kit

Our patented flexible array incased in a weather proof housing and 3m double sided tape on the back. The LED’s include 6 feet of wire so you have plenty of wire and them some and 5 feet of shrink tube on the wire. These LED’s  are more flexible then before and they are ideal for accent lighting on bikes.

0213 Red $134.78

0223 Amber $134.78

0233 Blue $149.99

0243 Green $149.99

0253 White $149.99

0263 Purple $149.99

0293 Orange $134.78

0283 Pink $176.06

This deluxe kit is more than enough light to brighten up any bike big to small. The installation process is very easy as it comes with the install kit. This makes it easy for the consumer to install and work.

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Red $134.78, Amber $134.78, Blue $149.99, Green $149.99, White $149.99, Purple $149.99, Orange $134.78, Pink $176.06,