1.When will my order ship?

Orders typically ship within 1 to 3 business days depending on order volume. On occasion order may take up to 2 weeks if a certain product or material is out of stock. In this case you will receive an email update regarding your order.

2.Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes, we ship internationally on a regular basis. Cost for international shipping is a flat rate of $70.00. No this is not marked up, this is what we pay.

3. How to avoid customs fees?

You cant. Buyer is responsible for all customs fees when shipping internationally. See our shipping page.

4. Do you have discount codes?

Unless advertised we do not offer or give discounts on products.

5. Why wont you reply to my email?

We have had trouble with emails going through to hotmail, live, microsoft and other microsoft based accounts. Or you have been rude, nobody likes rude people. Be nice.

6. What if my parts stop working?

See our warranty page. Your purchase is covered under limited lifetime warranty.

7. Why are you more expensive than other brands?

We do our best to provide a reliable quality product, this in turn sometimes increases manufacturing costs, which in turn result in higher prices for our customers.

8. Do you offer custom work?

Yes, email us at customled@motoboxusa.net and see our custom work page.