Color Changing RGB Accent kit


Product Description

RGB Accent LED Light for Motorcycles

The plug-in LED lighting kit includes all the essentials you need to transform your bike into a colorful, attention-grabbing hot rod. Our lighting kit offers a simple tool-free install and is even simpler for you to use. With a quick click of a button, the included key fob sends a signal to a receiver—bringing your bike to life.

This kit includes two small (2 in) strips and two large (10 in) strips that allow for improved customization and surface coverage. The four Plug-Nz y-connectors included in the kit let you connect and place your lighting strips with ease.

You can add extra LED strips in conjunction with the kit to really illuminate the night


Our LED Lighting Kit Includes the Following:


  • 2 key fobs
  • 1 remote control receiver
  • 2 Plug-Nz 2-in strips
  • 2 Plug-Nz 10-in strips
  • 4 Plug-Nz y-connectors