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Bullet style LED turn signals inserts



Product Description

Harley-Davidson LED Bullet Turn Signals Inserts

These Harley-Davidson LED bullet turn signals are a direct fit replacement for the OEM incandescent bulbs originally installed in your Harley’s bullet-style housing.

These bullet turn signals come with 1156 (single-function) or 1157 (dual-function) base connected to the wires to make the installation as easy as removing your existing bulb and plugging the new LED light in. Simply remove the lens with a dime or a flat tool, push and twist the old bulb to unplug it, plug in the LED board, wrap the wires inside of the housing, and clip the lens back in.

The LEDs on these Harley-Davidson bullet turn signals come in two available options; choose from red or amber when adding to the cart.

Because LEDs do not take as much power to run as a regular bulb, a load equalizer may be required when using LEDs.  Load Resistors here

When replacing stock incandescent light bulbs with any type LED turn signal retrofits on the later model Harley-Davidson motorcycles (pre 2014) a load equalizer (load balancer) maybe required. The load equalizer will enable the bike to retain the stock flashing speed and not have the bike show a code (via red key on dash).

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AMBER 1156, AMBER 1157, RED 1156, RED 1157